I have made a few exploding boxes recently. Here are some photographs and instructions if you need them to make one yourself.

                                 Firstly I have cut a piece of white card 28.5cm x 28.5cm


Then using a pencil and ruler I marked the square at 9.5cm and 19cm on all sides and drew lines as shown resulting in 9 squares measuring 9.5cm by 9.5cm. I then cut the corner square off each side leaving you with 4 squares in a + shape.


I did exactly the same for the next layer but this time  the square is 24cm by 24cm. I then marked it at 8cm and 16cm resulting in 9 squares measuring  8cm x 8cm.

I did exactly the same again this time the square is 18cmx18cm. I then marked the square at 6cm and 12cm resulting in 9 squares measuring 6cmx6cm

Using my bone folder I creased all the edges and rubbed out all the pencil marks

I selected some papers suitable, in this case for a New Baby Boy

I cut pieces of the patterned paper to size and added them to all sides, on the back and front. I rounded all the corners with a punch before attaching them

I picked a number of dies to go on my project, I cut them all out and also cut some personalised sentments

I have made a lid for the box using the white card. I have cut a piece of white card in a square measuring 14cmx14cm then scored at 2cm  on all sides to make the shape above. I cut a small slit in the corner and then cut a small notch before sticking the corners together with PVA glue. I then attached the patterned paper to all sides.

I completed my box with various flat backed pearls and a die cut tag with ribbon. I will hand write my message on the tag

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